Porto Ceresio and the Insubria region

Beautifully situated between mountains and lake Porto Ceresio  is a small, attractive Italian town that boarders on Switzerland , and whose lakeside “suspended “promenade meanders around 1.5 kilometers of lake Lugano.

Lively and friendly bars, cafes and restaurants will greet you on your walk, tempting you to relax under their colourful umbrellas and taste their award-winning ice-cream, aperitif and excellent cuisine. Feeling hot or tired ? Well Dolcevita is on the path so its guests can pop in for a swim or a quick nap !

However. if you are more active, you can indulge in a variety of activities. Apart from the usual water sports and boat trips, you can organize walking tours or borrow a bike from Dolcevita and visit some of the villages dotted around the lake.

The saturday morning market in Ponte Tresa and Swiss villages of Morcote and Brusino Arsizio are well worth a visit.

For the newcomers to this part of Italy who wish to explore a little further afield, whether venturing into Switzerland, or remaining in Italy Porto Ceresio’s geographical position is unquestionably perfect.

Download the free APP: “My Porto Ceresio” you will see….

Day or half-day excursions available, consult the Links in the Menu.

The following destinations and many more are all within an hour’s drive !

Do you “Lakes” ?!

  • Milan – Dome, i Navigli, Brera 50 km
  • Lake – Como Lake funicular & shopping 15 Km
  • Lake – Varese 10 Km – great shopping !
  • Lake – Ponte Tresa – Markets on Saturday 8 km
  • Lake – Luino ( Italy) Locarno, Ascona, Brissago Islands 40 km
  • Lake – Lugano – Gandria and the “Cantine di Gandria ” across the lake 10 km
  • Sacro Monte – Giubileum Year 2016 – Varese 10 km
  • Mount San Giorgio / Fossils museum in Meride – UNESCO
  • Bellinzona castels (UNESCO) 35 km
  • Lake – Brusino Arsizio 2 km
  • Lake – Morcote 3 km (swimming across the lake..:)
  • And much more….

Tired and weary after a day’s exploits ? Remember Dolcevita will be waiting to welcome you back and soothe your aching bones.

B&B Dolce Vita, Via Roma 19, 21050 Porto Ceresio (VA) Italy Phone: 0039 347 89 71 084